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Vitamin D Deficiency - Stephen Pate

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Vitamin D is a essential vitamin required in the body and is synthesized naturally by having direct sun exposure on your skin. Vitamin D deficiency is quite common especially in the colder months throughout Australia with over 30% adults suffering symptoms of deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency symptoms can include;

1. Bone, Muscle and Joint Pain

2. Depressed Mood

3. Reduced Immunity resulting in frequent cough and colds

People at risk of Vitamin D Deficiency include;

1. The elderly or housebound people in residential care

2. Naturally dark skinned people

3. Those who work indoors and don’t experience sunlight generally through the day

4. Those with a medical condition that impacts the ability to absorb/ process Vitamin D

If you are unsure whether you have vitamin D deficiency it is worth having a blood test through your GP as the recommended Vitamin level changes from season to season.

Certain foods such as oily fish, salmon, tuna, some vegetables, eggs and dairy do contain small amounts of Vitamin D but there are times where supplementation is required. Vitamin D3 supplements are generally tablets or capsules which can be supplemented when levels are lowered.

At Peninsula Acupuncture we carry the practitioner range Metagenics Vitamin D3 as well as other supplements to help you stay healthy over the winter months.

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1 Comment

Susan Pate
Susan Pate
Jul 26, 2020

Very informative information

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