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Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Stephen Pate


Stephen  has been working as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and registered Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner for 12 years after graduating in 2008. He  completed a 5 year double degree of Applied Science (Human Biology/Chinese Medicine) from RMIT University and also a 6 month residential clinical internship in a major hospital in Nanjing, China.


He gained extensive experience abroad for 2 years then relocated to the Mornington Peninsula and opened Peninsula Acupuncture and Natural Medicine in 2010. 

As a Chinese Medicine Practitioner he incorporates the use of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Diet Therapy, Massage and Cupping to ensure the best possible outcomes for his patients in the shortest timeframe. 

Stephen is passionate about health and fitness and has a special interest in pain management conditions including but not limited to; musculoskeletal pain, arthritic pain, tmj pain, headaches and migraines as well chronic pain/stubborn hard to treat pain disorders.


Stephen is available on:

Monday - Thursday 9am - 6pm, Friday 9am - 1pm and Saturday 9am - 12pm


Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Janette Panaccio


Janette is Doctor of Chinese Medicine and a registered Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board (CMRB) and the Australian Acupuncture

and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA). She completed a five-year double degree of Applied Science (Human Biology/Chinese Medicine) at RMIT including an internship at Jiangsu Provincial TCM Hospital in Nanjing, China.

She has continued to develop and enhance her knowledge of TCM with regular participation at clinical workshops, seminars and teaching sessions, both within Australia and China, learning from leading practitioners and teachers to better apply cutting edge techniques to her patients.

Janette has practised at a number of private clinics in Melbourne and also at community practices providing TCM to refugee and other marginalised groups.


Her special interests include:

  • IVF, Pregnancy, Labour support and Postnatal care

  • Women’s and Men’s reproductive health

  • Menopausal Issues

  • Musculoskeletal conditions

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • General Wellbeing


Janette is available on:

Sundays  8am - 8pm 


Doctor Of Chinese Medicine

Olivia Ma

Olivia is a passionate practitioner specialising in women’s gynaecological health, fertility, pregnancy and emotional health. A 5 year double Bachelor degree in Chinese Medicine and Human Biology, a clinical internship at the Jiangsu Hospital in Nanjing, China and further studies in Australia, China and Japan have lead Olivia to enhance her skills and knowledge of Chinese medicine, health and the human body.
Olivia practices a wide range of techniques honed over years of study and practice, but favours Japanese acupuncture. Its gentle needling technique is beneficial for treatment and assists those who are sensitive or needle-shy. She has had success through her extensive experience assisting couples along their fertility journey and fully comprehends that each stage of this journey – from preparing for conception, to IVF support, pregnancy care, and postnatal care – requires different support.
During a consultation, she will listen to your story, assess your condition, and develop a treatment plan to help you achieve your health goals. Her treatments are tailored to reflect each patient’s unique presentation. Treatments can incorporate acupuncture; Chinese herbal medicine and other bodywork therapy, such as cupping and moxibustion; and suggested supplements, diet and lifestyle guidance to empower you to create lasting improvements and holistically maintain your health. 
Olivia is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and is an accredited member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) with extensive clinical experience.  

Olivia is available on:

Saturday 9am - 4pm


Doctor Of Chinese Medicine

Jade Ouk


Jade is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Herbalist) registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (CMBA) under the Australian Health Practitioners Agency (AHPRA).


Jade has a BHSc degree in Chinese Medicine and has completed an advanced training certificate at Zhejiang hospital (China) with: specialists in dermatology, oncology and neurology; within the paediatric ward, post-stroke ward and out-patient internal medicine doctors. Known for her calm presence, thorough and results-driven approach, Jade is experienced in working with patients from all walks of life to effect desired change. She enjoys working as part of a diverse medical ecosystem to deliver the best possible outcomes for her patients. 


Since early childhood, Jade has performed with various music ensembles in Australia and internationally and from this carries a deep appreciation of diverse integrative expertise and the vibrancy a great team can bring to any field, including wellness. Together with her advanced training, her experience from her teen years volunteering with Interchange to provide family respite and social activities for children with diverse abilities as well as working in the aged care sector, inform her advocacy for greater awareness of the available support for quality of life for everyone at all ages and abilities, and at any stage of disease. She is also passionate about what Chinese medicine can offer for skin patients after personally experiencing how the paradigm successfully transformed her own 3-decade-long battle with eczema. This discovery spurred her to study Chinese Medicine at the Southern School of Natural Therapies (a 4-year degree) during which she realised the impact and expansive scope of Chinese Medicine, and through clinical practice her love for treating patients – inspiring her to shift from her 15-year global career in the visual arts industry to a new calling in Chinese Medicine.

Whilst much of her clinical experience has grown in areas for stubborn skin conditions, palliative cancer care, neurological rehabilitation and gynaecology, her passion lies in working with any patient to reach their own optimal dynamic state of wellbeing

Jade is available on:

Monday and Thursday 10am - 3pm


Doctor Of Chinese Medicine

Helen Bourke

Helen is a registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, with 12 years clinical experience

in both private and community acupuncture clinics. Helen completed her Bachelor degrees in Human biology and Chinese Medicine at RMIT University Melbourne, and a clinical internship at Jiangsu Hospital in Nanjing, China. She has continued further studies in Chinese Medicine and health management since.

Helen has a caring, patient focused approach, taking careful consideration of individual symptoms

and patient history to provide a tailored treatment plan. Providing clear communication around the treatment process, Helen often combines acupuncture with cupping, massage or Chinese herbal medicine for best results, and equips her patients with additional diet, exercise and lifestyle advice

to support their health.

Helen loves the significant improvements acupuncture and Chinese medicine can make to all types

of health disorders, and is passionate about helping her patients achieve their full health potential.

Her special interests include pain management and musculoskeletal conditions, sleep disorders,

digestive issues, fatigue, mental health, fertility, women’s health, and general well being.


Helen is available on:

Tuesday 10am - 6pm and Thursday 10am - 6pm 


Doctor Of Chinese Medicine

Ella Zhang - YongQi Zhang 

Ella is a nationally AHPRA registered Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner and Dispenser. She holds a Bachelor degree in Science from Australia National University majoring in Genetics, as well as a double degree of Health and Applied Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from RMIT university. Ella is an accredited member of the Federation of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Societies of Australia (FCMA).

She is a third generation Chinese medicine practitioner, following the footsteps of her parents and grandmother. Ella grew up with Chinese medicine and its theories during her early life. With a background of evidence-based studies, Ella is believer of the power of natural healing along with modern research and technology. With a strong passion for mental health, women’s health and sports injury management, Ella is able to combine Chinese medicine techniques with modern science to deliver effective treatments.

Qualifications: B.Science ANU, B.HlthSc & B,AppSc (ChinMed) RMIT

Special interests: Mental health, women’s health, sports injury

Language: Ella is fluent in English and Mandarin and understands Cantonese

Ella is available on:

Wednesday 1pm - 7pm 


Doctor Of Chinese Medicine/Remedial Massage
Caitlin Harwyne

Caitlin is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Remedial Massage Therapist who works with traditional and evidence-based methods to get the best results. She believes in holistic health care and will help determine the imbalance in your life, assessing physical, emotional and environmental factors. As well as treating the acute signs and symptoms, Caitlin aims to understand the root cause of your health concerns and will work with you to make realistic and sustainable lifestyle changes to help you achieve your health goals. 

Caitlin enjoys the diversity of general practice but has a keen interest in treating women’s health, acute and chronic pain conditions, mental and emotional wellbeing and sleep issues. Treatments may include acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine and massage. 

Caitlin is registered under the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and is a member of The Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA). She is covered by most major health funds and her patients are eligible for private health insurance rebates on Acupuncture and Remedial Massage consultations. 

Caitlin is available on:
Monday 10am - 7pm and Friday 10am - 6pm


Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Ryan Whatford

After selling his Chinese Medicine clinic in Byron Bay, Ryan has returned to Melbourne to be closer to family. Throughout his 6 years of practice Ryan’s clinical focus has spanned a range of immunological, psychological, digestive, musculoskeletal, general pain related issues and undiagnosed conditions. With a background in Ayurvedic medicine and meditation, Ryan was drawn to Chinese medicine after he spent time with his teachers in the ashrams, temples and even Himalayan caves of India. There, he studied Kriya Yoga and worked to understand the body’s subtle energy (Qi) system. 


After realising his natural affinity to work Qi through the body he decided that it was time to use his gifts to heal and went on to complete a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, graduating his clinical examinations with flying colours! When Ryan treats you, he works with you to clear, rebalance and harmonise your meridians and organ systems. Ryan is registered with AHPRA and is a member of ANTA.

Ryan is available on: 

Thursday 12pm - 8pm and Friday 10am - 6pm  

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