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Bowen Therapist / Reiki Practitioner

Kelsy Wylie


Kelsy is a qualified Bowen Therapist of 5 years as well as Reiki Master with an equine background. Before gaining her Diploma in Bowen Therapy, Kelsey started off treating horses. Through her treatments of these animals, she found that pain commonly stemmed from riders’ bodies being out of alignment. This lead her to study humans. 

As a practitioner, Kelsy uses a non-invasive, hands-on method, applying a gentle rolling technique to assist the body’s natural healing process. In addition to this application of Bowen Therapy, she intertwines Reiki into her treatments to help stimulate increased energy levels and promote, relaxation as well as overall wellbeing. 

Kelsy loves to incorporate both modalities as they equally support, and gently stimulate the body into

self-healing and natural pain relief. Her work addresses many complaints such as back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulders, body inflammation, anxiety, stress, improvement of sleep patterns and overall relaxation. Her soft approach allows her to treat patients of all ages from newborns through to the elderly. Patients can expect to walk away with a general sense of peace and wellbeing. 

Kelsy is available from  Feb 28th at: 
Beachside Clinic: Monday 9am - 1pm and Friday 12pm - 4pm 

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