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10 Years At 321 Main Street!

By Steve 10 years ago I was dividing my clinical hours between my family home in Merricks North and a Physiotherapy clinic in Frankston. Whilst my patient numbers had grown I felt as though I needed to establish my own space with a focus on Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and complimentary body therapies. I was fortunate to find our current location shortly into my search. It was an empty shell with no rooms, but the location was perfect. I decided to take plunge; As a 26 year old it was a dive into the deep end from being just a practitioner; to setting up a clinical space,

When we opened in 2011 there were 4 of us (including superstar Janette). It was nerve wracking time, not knowing if the business would be a success or if anyone would even know we existed. Before opening we walked up and down Main Street talking to the shop owners, did letter box drops and advertised in the local paper. We also had no neighbour, across the road was a dirt car park and the top end of Main Street was far quieter than it is today!

Thankfully from day 1 the locals of Peninsula embraced the clinic. We have managed to find and keep some talented and dedicated local practitioners and our practitioner number grew to 11 in 2020.

I would like to thank all of them in order of when they started at the clinic: Janette, Michelle, Lauren, Allana, Tam, Ailee, Jo, Nick (who has again managed to avoid another photo op!), Catherine and Giulia - without them the clinic would not exist.

I’d also like to thank all of our loyal and wonderful patients. In the 10 years we had over 20,000 consultations - which is a lot of needles!. We look forward to continuing see you into the future.

Lastly I would like to thank my parents Sue and Steve Snr for all of their support in opening the clinic as well still providing endless guidance to me along the way.


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