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The whole medical system of Naturopathy looks to enhance our body’s innate ability to self-heal. It combines traditional healing techniques with scientific advances and views symptoms as communication of the body’s underlying imbalances. Naturopathy uses an individualised patient approach in addressing the root cause of any imbalances rather than just treating the presenting symptoms.  


Naturopathic principles emphasise not only the promotion of healing, but also the prevention of disease and the maintenance of homeostasis in order to achieve optimal health. 


You can expect some of the following modalities to be used within your treatment approach: 

  • Diet and clinical nutrition

  • Flower essences

  • Behavioural change 

  • Functional testing

  • Botanical herbal medicine 

  • Education 

  • Exposure to nature 


  • Stress management

  • Mental Health

  • Sleep/ Insomnia

  • Immune Support

  • Gastrointestinal Health

  • Perimenopause & Menopause

  • Chronic Health Conditions ​


Our clinic provides treatments using Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Remedial Massage, Myotherapy and Kinesiology.

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