Meet Our Team - Doctor Of Chinese Medicine Nadine Gardiner

What do you love most about acupuncture and TCM?

One of the things that grew my love and passion for Chinese Medicine, like many of us, is the whole body, mind and spirit connection it encompasses. I feel we are living in a culture that devalues the body’s communication. I love treating patients for one complaint and watching many other symptoms they have experienced disappear.


Outside of work and the pandemic you love to travel, what is the most memorable location you’ve ever visited?

Oh this is a hard one, a country I’ve really fallen in love with is Sri Lanka. I love the people, the food, the diverse landscapes, all in a small and magical place. I love journeying by train. It’s my favourite way to travel. You get it all with the cool mountains, surf coasts, desert and rainforest. I love journeying by train. It’s my favourite way to travel. If asked to pick a memorable location, it would have to be Butterfly Valley in Fethiye - Turkey. You swim to the shore and climb up a waterfall to meet thousands of butterflies, such a stunning memory.


What are you currently reading?

I’m someone who reads multiple books, depending on my mood. I’m currently reading ‘The Girl In The Spider’s Web’ by David Lagercrantz, ‘The Sex Education You Never Had’ by Psychosexologist Chantelle Otten, ‘Women Who Run With The Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estés and ‘My Grandmother’s Hands’ by Resmaa Menakem. Books feed the soul.


What are you looking forward to most now that we’re finally out of lockdown?

Now that we're out of lockdown, I’m very much looking forward to more bodywork - massages, spa days, yoga studios, camping in the forest and sweaty dance floors with friends.


Favourite film or TV genre? Any suggestions?

Too many! Some recent loves are Veneno, Sharp Objects and Sex Education. I also love stand up comedy.

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