Meet Our Team - Doctor Of Chinese Medicine Catherine Brown

For anyone new to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, what can your patients expect?

Anyone new to Traditional Chinese Medicine and having their first acupuncture appointment with me is going to feel held, nurtured and listened to. Treatment will involve a thorough initial intake, including menstrual health and history, emotional/mental health and wellbeing, digestive, gut health and thyroid, sleep and energy assessment. I may recommend blood tests and ultrasounds to further investigate. Fertility patients will be sent home with an e-book, a basal body thermometer, supplements, herbs and a treatment plan. Patients always leave feeling informed, empowered and super relaxed after their treatment.


What is your favourite or most rewarding part of working in Women’s Health?

I’m most passionate about female body literacy, autonomy and advocacy which are the pillars of my approach with my patients. I love educating patients about their body, reproductive literacy & encouraging patients to become their own advocates regarding their reproductive & hormonal health.This education enables them to reconnect and trust their body’s own initiate wisdom.

My approach incorporates acupuncture, Chinese medicine and an assessment of gut and thyroid health. Patients are often reassured by their GP's that their results are within range, yet they struggle with fatigue and hormonal imbalance.The most rewarding aspect of my work could be a woman experiencing her first ever pain free period, shifts in regulating her cycle and of course a positive pregnancy test or meeting a much longed child after their birth.


Tell us a bit about why you decided to move to The Peninsula all the way from Sydney?

I moved to Mornington to experience the pristine beaches, amazing food, wine and country side.

It has a coastal lifestyle with the amazing city of Melbourne so close.


How do you like to spend your days off?

My life outside of the clinic is extremely active, busy and happy. I'm a very proud mumma bear of 2. We are always at the beach, scootering, horse riding, at soccer, walking our dog or enjoying the amazing lifestyle and beautiful surrounds on the Mornington Peninsula. We love Mt Martha’s South Beach in Summer and scootering the boardwalk.

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