Winter is here!

Winter is fast approaching - bringing longer nights and shorter, colder days. 

With Winter comes the sporting seasons of AFL, Rugby, Soccer and Hockey. We have definitely seen an increase in sporting and Cold type pain injuries at Peninsula Acupuncture and Natural Medicine. 

We have three different modalities to choose from when tackling pain - Acupuncture, Remedial Massage and Myotherapy.

According to Yin and Yang theory, Summer relates to Yang and Winter relates to Yin.

Just as summer months are full of abundant Yang energy and activity is encouraged, Winter pertains to Yin and cold, so rest and replenishment is encouraged. Embrace winter as a quieter season to rest and replenish your Yin!

Ways to replenish Yin include -
Emphasising foods such as;
    •    Soups and Stews
    •    Root Vegetables
    •    Beans
    •    Miso and Seaweed
    •    Garlic and Ginger
    •    Whole Grains and Roasted Nuts

As life in Winter is more sedentary, over-eating is not recommended.

Sleep more, and Reduce Stress where possible. Listen to your body!

According to Chinese Medicine Theory - stress, frustration and unresolved anger can affect your immune system. Be sure to understand your body and what it needs during the Winter months.


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